Da ist keine Zensur und keine Fiktion, das sind die realen Straßen von Tschechien. Tschechische Frauen und Girls machen alles für Geld. Nicht wie bei anderen Webseiten mit ähnlichen Themen, wo alles arrangiert und gescriptet ist, siehst du hier reale Amateure von der Straße. Der niedrige Lebensstandard ist wahrscheinlich der Grund warum die örtlichen Girls berühmt dafür sind die unglaublichsten Dinge in der Öffentlichkeit zu machen. Wenn du uns nicht glaubst schau es dir an. Viel Spaß!


25min 13sec

Leute, Sie werden einfach nicht glauben, wen ich im Zentrum von Prag getroffen habe. Ich traf Karolina alias Daisy Lee, den umstrittensten tschechischen Pornostar! Jetzt ist es eine perfekte Chance zu sehen, wie sie im Alltag ist. Aber lassen Sie mich eins sagen, es ist nichts, an das Sie gewöhnt sind. Sie zu überzeugen, war super einfach, denn diese Schlampe würde fast alles für Geld tun. Sie lud mich zu ihr nach Hause ein und es war ihr egal, dass sie gerade eine verrückte Bande mit schwarzen Typen gefilmt hat. Sie hat ihre in Stücke gerissene Pussy in meinem Auto abgekühlt, so verrückt ist dieses Mädchen. Wir haben auf ihrem Balkon gefickt und diese versaute Schlampe hat meine Wichse auf ihre Nachbarn gespuckt !!! Un-verdammt-glaubwürdig! Das musst du dir nur ansehen !!!
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27min 47sec

You just won't believe this. I was in the center of Prague and met a busty Barbie, a genuine one from Mattel. Her name was Jaruska and she was way too crazy. She was all pink, her car was pink (and had eyelashes!!!) and her chihuahua... luckily wasn't pink. Jaruska is a stripper by profession and I asked for a private dance. Her apartment was even crazier than herself, her car and her dog combined. She created a Justin Bieber's shrine, a pink one, of course. That was the heaviest shit I have ever seen. The wacko Barbie took all my money and then released her huge balloons. It was one fucking ride, my friends. When she came, she yelled "Justin!!!". Kind of a turnoff, but just for a second. I fucked that pink bitch hard and then left in seconds because this was really batshit crazy. The craziest pink streets... Sorry, I mean Czech streets so far! You will have fun, I guarantee you that.
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29min 44sec

My dear public fucking lovers, this was a day I will always remember. I went to a car wash and was surprised by what I found there. Aneta, a lovely student was working her shift there. Beautiful, in a relationship and well-behaved! Just irresistible!!! I had to pay 42,000 in total to make her fuck me. I fucked that gorgeous young pussy on my car. Aneta came beautifully and I covered her sweet face with my cum. The best fuck ever! The best girl in the history of Czech Streets! You just have to see this!
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27min 26sec

Hello, my friends. I'm back with another story of fucking for money. And you really need to see this one, I managed to pull off an incredible stunt. I pretended to be an Uber driver on Prague airport. Luckily, I didn't get beaten by cab drivers, but I managed to get a beautiful customer, a stewardess called Andrea. I came with my dirty proposition on the way, I'd pay her monthly wages for sex. 30,000 CZK for a quick fuck. Andrea likes to fuck and she likes money even more, so she didn't hesitate for long. She blew and fucked me like if she hadn't seen a cock for a year. I fucked that incredible stewardess under a bridge. You'd be surprised how many cyclists went there!!! I filmed her peeing and then I came in her mouth. What an incredible fuck! You will even get to see her Facebook name in the end. Just try and don't send her any sleazy messages, guys....
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20min 08sec

Forget everything you have seen here so far! We have an exquisite episode for you today! I met the woman from my dreams while buying groceries. A perfect 43 years old Karolina, with D+ cups and the body of a supermodel. She was driving me crazy instantly and you will understand as soon as you see her. I tried my usual modeling trick and it worked, because it seems Karolina really loves money, a lot of money. Only seeing her tits cost me ten big ones. To fuck her I had to pay everything I had on me, which was approximately 40, 000 CZK. I knew I'd have to give it to her real hard for such price and fucked her in the middle of a railway station. Trains full of people passing when I came on her divine tits. Did I mention her husband is a cop? Heh, fuck the police, right? Or at least their wives! Get ready to get wild!!!!
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24min 33sec

Well, my friends, this as really crazy. I met this unbelievable chick on Snapchat, she called herself Martina and she started sending me these crazy and hot pictures. I offered her a visit and she agreed. Her boyfriend was at work and this bitch needed a proper fucking. She wasn't really happy about the camera, but you cannot really object with mouth full of cock, right? The money wiped the rest of her issues and we started fucking. Her boyfriend must be neglecting her, because I haven't seen a pussy this horny in a long time. She fucked me like crazy and enjoyed swallowing my entire cock. I was photographing her with Snapchat and laughing my ass off when I saw her with dog ears. You just have to see this, folks!!!
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25min 23sec

Hello folks, we are back with yet another amazing video. The first CzechStreets filmed abroad!!! Me and my friends went for a holiday to USA and in the streets on Miami met a wonderful 19 years old student. Just imagine she was Czech! Her name was Lucie and she came with her boyfriend and group of friends. I invited her to see the most beautiful sea view and then proposed to her. She wasn't cheap, but when she saw 1,000 USD she got all wet. I fucked her from behind and I fucked her hard. In the end she turned out to be one horny slut and she didn't care one bit her boyfriend was waiting for her. I slapped her a few times and jizzed on her face. What did she do? She gave me her number!! So we could hook up in Prague!!! Would you believe that? That's so cool!!! Check her out!
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